pan·a·cea | pa-nə-ˈsē-ə

A triple bottom line commercial sea cucumber aquaculture company on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Our Mission

To meet the global demand for sea cucumbers created by depletion due to overfishing;

To regenerate local populations of sea cucumbers with all their myriad environmental benefits;

To provide economic opportunities in impoverished Caribbean regions.

Profitable Restoration

Our triple-bottom-line operation is focused on environmental and societal impacts as much as economic in the Caribbean.

Ocean acidification, overfishing, and coral reef decline are threatening marine ecosystems which represents 80% of planets’ biodiversity.

Coasts in Peril

Sea Cucumbers

Critical to healthy marine ecosystems, they reduce ocean acidification, reduce the buildup of organic matter preventing harmful algal blooms, and they promote healthy coral reefs by releasing essential nutrients.